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Chase and I are about to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary in June!  I can’t believe our wedding was FIVE years ago.  Love is grand.  Recently, I have been thinking about how to help our brides, and to get the wheels turning for what to buy as bridesmaid gifts.  With all wedding’s, there are many levels of planning involved, and this is just one small step to show your appreciation to your lovely bridesmaids for all their love and support .  We hope to help ease the stress and inspire our brides as much as we can!

*The vintage teacup candle and bath bombs are from a local and organic store here in Huntsville, AL called The Switch House!  TOTALLY worth checking out!

huntsville al wedding gift bridesmaid

1. Owl Necklace on Etsy 2. Vintage tea cup candle from The Switch House 3. Travel jewelry box from Pottery Barn 4. Bath Bombs from The Switch House 5.  Travel tote from Pottery Barn 6. Earrings from Kate Spade 7. Succulent planters from West Elm 8. Teapot from Anthropologie 9. Journal from Anthropologie 10.  Jewelry box from Anthropologie 11.  Candles from West Elm

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