5 Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Dress: A Southern Bride’s Guide

We recently got introduced to a great group of ladies through one of our sweetest brides, Emily B. We knew from the start if they’re friends with Emily, they are classy, good, southern people 😉 These lovely ladies (Ella, Kara & Teresa) are currently opening up a glorious Boutique Bridal Shop here in Huntsville AL. called White Dresses. It can be found in the quaint town of Providence (500 Providence Main Street, Suite 3 Huntsville, AL 35806). This wedding dress shop is full of gowns that can not be found in any other southern bridal boutique! The textures, fabric, and service is unparalleled by any other bridal boutique!! We asked them to share some tips to help our southern brides find the PERFECT wedding dress… read below how positively perfect they lay out how to choose your gown for your wedding day.

“…[F]inding a wedding dress is like finding a true friend; you should be able to trust it, you should never regret it, and whenever you see it…it should always make you smile.” -Designer Sareh Nouri

Tip 1: Start Shopping Early — So many brides make the mistake of waiting until the last minute to look for a gown and are sad to learn that some of their favorite designers can’t be ordered in time for their walk down the aisle. While our shop (along with others) often will help brides who have a short schedule, it can be expensive to rush order a gown. Shopping early will save you from the stress of rushing a gown to your event!

Tip 2: Know What Fits — Selecting the perfect gown involves more than just selecting one that is gorgeous on you! It needs to be the perfect gown to match the setting and location you have selected. Think of your wedding like a branding exercise – it needs to all make sense and lead people back to the idea or theme behind your wedding. For example, if you are planning a beach wedding steer clear of beaded ball gowns! You don’t only want to look amazing, but your dress selection needs to make sense for the type of wedding you are hoping to have.

Tip 3: Gal (and Guy) Pals — If you have watched an episode of “Say Yes to the Dress!,” you know how out of hand some parties can get. While we do know that some of that is made for TV, it is important to think about the friends and family you want to help you find the perfect dress! Make sure to bring friends and family that will support your gown selection – whether or not it is what they would select for their big day.

Tip 4: Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover — When I was selecting a gown for my big day, I made the mistake of walking into the salon convinced I was going to select one particular dress I had pulled from the magazine. As soon as I put it on, it was a complete let down. What looked killer on the girl in the magazine, made me look rather frumpy. Thank goodness I had a bridal consultant who selected some gowns that were completely out of my comfort zone and different than what I initially said I wanted. Thus, the moral of the story – never miss out on a dress because it doesn’t look like what you think you are going to want from a magazine cut out.

Tip 5: Have No Regrets — Couture Bridal Gown Designer Sareh Nouri is a smart gal – selecting a gown is more than just finding a pretty dress. Selecting a wedding gown should be about what makes you feel confident and gorgeous on your day. That means to make sure you are happy before you place an order. Never let friends, family, or a bridal consultant talk you into a gown you are not happy with! This is your day and you should be able to choose what you want!

Hair by Jeanne Shrader – Attitudes Day Spa | Makeup by Sylvia Smith – Pro Makeup Artist Studios | Wedding Dresses & Accessories – White Dresses Bridal Boutique | Florals by Corrie Spearing – 333 Designs

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