Israel Trip | Behind the Lens | Second stop: Ceaserea, Mount Carmel, Tiberias

Life has been so hectic lately….. I realize, this Israel “Behind the Lens” is wayyy over-due!  But non-the less, here we go =)  I am determined to share our fabulous travels; this experience was something we VERY much enjoyed…. and we cant not share!  So our first stop was Tel Aviv, Israel.  We then headed over to Ceaserea, the ancient seaport and Roman theater…. Approximately 30 miles from the ancient port city Joppa.  This was also the location the movie Ben Hur was filmed. Herod the Great built his summer temple here in 22 B.C.  The ancient city was referred to in the Bible in Luke 2:1 when it was controlled by Caesar Augustus.

This lavish place was the port of an ancient theater, public buildings, temple to Augustus, hippo-drome that spans over 1,000 feet, and amphitheater.

The Mediterranean sea water was fabulous and so blue. Had to put my feet in… just had to!

The ancient Roman theater is STILL being used to this day!  Anybody who is anybody sings in THIS theater in Israel!

Enjoying our pita and falafels at the restaurant owned by the Druze community!We then took our travels to Mount Carmel, approximately 13 miles long with a peak of 1810 above sea level. The name itself means fruit garden. Here is where Elijah the prophet contests with the prophets of Baal in 1 Kings 18:19-40, and the 3 year drought was ended by Elijah’s prayer in 1 Kings 18:41-45.

From the top of Mount Carmel, you can view the Valley of Jezreel. It was quite a site to see!

We ended the day travels to Tiberias, and stayed a night on the Sea of Galilee. If you want to go more in depth in your studies of these ancient and Biblical places…. try checking out Acts 8:40, Acts 21:8-9 where Philip preached in Caesarea; Acts 10 Peter preached to Cornelius who was later baptized; the apostle Paul’s visits in Acts 9:30 and was later imprisoned there… Acts 23:22-26:32.

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