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We want to thank you for your interest in our photography mentoring sessions!  We feel as a business we have been incredibly blessed and would love to help you succeed on your journey along the way with YOUR photography business!  We cannot tell you how much we love to hear from those of you out there who need help with their business on topics such as business, marketing, branding, lighting, and more.  We would love to set up a one on one consultation with you; and have several options for these kinds of sessions depending on how much you would like to learn and have covered. Ready to get started and build the business you’ve always dreamed of!? Click the Paypal button for the service you want, and you’ll be on your way to a brand new start!

What clients are saying:

“I LOVE Green Tree Photography business model. Jan, is a professional at her work. She cared and added growth to my life when I met with her. She is an amazing mentor and focused on my goals. I left with a smile and a big AHA moment. Thank you Jan.” -Josie Wachi

“I think you are full of amazing knowledge and I’m completely grateful to have been able to talk with you. And thank you SO much for spending so much time with me! I love that you are honest and genuinely want to help me and others, I love your heart! I can’t express my gratitude to you for all your help!” -Lucy Thompson Photography



If your interested in a mentor session, first, you would sign up via Paypal or credit card. We then will send an email with a questionnaire for you to fill out with many of the questions/topics you would like to have covered beforehand and so we can get to know a bit more about where you are and what kind of equipment you use. We would then set up the consultation tailored specifically for you! No topic is off limits, and we can go over whatever it is you would like to learn, from marketing, branding, client consultations, networking, equipment, lighting and directing to post processing to the business end of things.

The Full Day Photography Mentor Session, Half Day Photography Mentor Session, and Photography Marketing Packets all include copies of our photography packets that we send our clients, along with helpful forms like model releases, contracts, etc. Additional hours are $150.

In person consultations are for the Huntsville, AL area and are usually only available Monday-Friday. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further questions!

We also have a great hands-on basic digital photography workshops as well if you want to learn your DSLR camera, need help with lighting, posing, etc.


Chase & Jan





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