Alabama Vineyard Wedding | Client spotlight

Allow us this morning to brag on these clients a moment… From the start, they were incredibly kind and trusting. When we say kind, we mean the people who every time you think of makes you smile really big with love in your hearts because they have been uplifting, caring, understanding, thoughtful, and everything in-between. When it came to our guidance and professionalism Griffin and Jessica trusted us each step of way. In return, it allowed us creative freedom, and through Skype consultations (they were living in North Carolina at the time) to see what they envisioned for their wedding and imagery, was the start of something all too wonderful! They researched Huntsville Alabama wedding photographer’s that fit with the style they had in-mind for their wedding imagery, and loved our soft, elegant, timeless photography.

The engagement session took place here in Huntsville Alabama, and was all too wonderful with a glorious, southern-vibe at one of our own local Alabama vineyards here in North Alabama! Jessica’s creative ideas and inspiration landed this lovely engagement session on one of the top wedding blogs!

Their wedding-day was nothing short of magical. Jessica and Griffin knew exactly what they wanted to make the day as lovely as possible. We talked before and had them fill-out a sheet that told us who they wanted in the pictures, what style they were going for to make the day special, vendors involved, the important aspects of the day they want us to focus on, and more! You can see the careful precision they invested in their day by checking out their GORGEOUS Alabama, southern mansion plantation wedding at Creekside at Colliers End here. With every aspect of the wedding day perfectly planned out, the day couldn’t have been more seamless. The Knot actually thought so much of the wedding, they decided to feature it as well! You can see their feature below =)

Just to give you an idea as to why our heart swell with love for these people… here are a couple emails that when I’m having a rough day, will go back to read… “You completely captured all of the joy and happiness of the day and I do not know how I could ever thank you, enough!! You have been such a blessing to us!!” and”We adore our wedding pictures and would absolutely love to have you shoot some more memories for us.”

No Griffin and Jessica, are adore YOU!!! xoxo

p.s. This below is a collage of the Wall Art going up very soon in their home, above their couch!! Some of their wedding and 1-year anniversary session!


Griffin & Jessica WALL ART wall

The Knot_Griffin and Jessica




Free People inspired bohemian senior session | Huntsville AL. Senior Photographer

Where to start with this precious soul… I met Lizzy about 2 years ago while attending church in Madison, Alabama. Her strong faith in the Lord and honest spirit is what attracted me to her; and made me want to learn more about this sweet jewel. The love of God radiates through her soul, and is quote visible in her senior portraits! Wouldn’t you agree!? The more we get to know this family, the more we love them to pieces. I mean, look at them. They’re adorable.

This young lady has recently received homecoming queen, voted most friendly (not surprising), and we can’t be more proud of her accomplishments! Lizzy, may you continue to follow God’s ways in all you do. You have been, and are a blessing to me in many, many ways.

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. 1 Timothy 4:12

Makeup by: Sylvia Smith with Pro Makeup Artist Studios

Hair: Christina Waldron with The Transformation




Jamie Clauss - October 1, 2014 - 6:04 pm

Oh my goodness, Jan. What a beautiful and creative session! Seriously, so creative. :)

Huntsville, AL Engagement Photographer | The Westin engagement shoot

Where to begin with this dear couple… We have absolutely loved working with Matt and Sarah from our first meeting. We hit it off so well, we ended up talking for over 3 hours and bonding with our excitement and interests. Their kind and easy personalities made for the perfect fit! From day-one they trusted us with our ideas and talent making an all too perfect engagement session.

It all began one evening meeting for dessert here in Huntsville, Alabama at Grill 29 in August 2012. A little over a year later Matt was proposing to what blossomed into the love of his life! Matt and Sarah’s love for one another is absolutely breath-taking. Matt simply adores Sarah with every ounce of his soul. The way the two of them light-up when they’r together is palatable to all. He showers her with affection and love she deserves. Their adoration for one another made for a charming engagement session. Don’t you think?

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Anthro inspired senior portraits | Huntsville AL. Photographer

It’s that time of year when our seniors are flooding-in to shoot their portrait sessions here in Huntsville, Alabama! This particular Huntsville, Alabama senior simply shot for an Anthro-inspired senior portrait session. She nailed it. The clients that come through our doors these days, we keep to a minimum. Our heart is to give the best CARE and ATTENTION we think you deserve. We invest time into our seniors to give them the best boutique photography experience, and to give unique, high-quality, fine-art products that will stand the test of time. Photography is not only lovely imagery to share digitally, but our mission is for you to enjoy fine ART in your home. Something you can be proud of. Every image captured is thought-out, and carefully curated for a purpose. Choosing the right photographer for you is vital for a lovely experience you can’t get back for one of the most important times in your life. Oh, How we cherish our clients. xo




Top 10 questions asked by photographers | Business Questions

A few weeks back in honor of Small Business Week, we asked you to send us a list of business questions you may need the answer to. We are honored when photographers come to us with questions we can walk them through in their steps to success. Being a business owner can be one of the toughest jobs around, and isn’t for the faint at heart. So, we are humbled and thankful to be guiding you through the process! We definitely don’t know everything there is to know (and are continually learning), but can give you guidance in what we have learned the hard way so you won’t make some of the same mistakes in the process.

1. How do you describe your brand? Clean, light, fresh, timeless… going to share in a blog post SOON my very FIRST marketing materials… be warned, it’s pitiful;)

2. Did you go to school to study photography? No, former Speech Pathologist. Just worked VERY hard (and still working) to perfect and craft our art!

3. How many weddings do you average per year, and do you have certain policies when booking? 20-25; we require a non-refundable retainer and a wedding contract to lock-in the date. The total is not due until 2 weeks before the wedding.

4.  If you had to choose one lens which one would it be and why? 85 1.2 It gives the soft imagery that I love so dearly; the dreamy effect our clients love!

5. Do you outsource your editing? Yes, we are currently using The Album Design

6. How do you stay inspired day to day? My friends, husband, and mostly my faith. Prayer has gotten me through many a rough time, and brought me to the name of the business, Green Tree Photography. Based upon Jeremiah 17:7,8. I find that when I’m in a slump, if I give my mind rest through prayer, the Lord brings me to the next focus for life and business. Feeling refreshed!

7. I get really nervous before a photo shoot with my clients, do you have any tips to help with that? When we meet, I ask them questions about themselves. How they met, what they love about one another, the proposal, etc. I will incorporate those tips in the session to get them thinking about the love that brought them to the place they’re at. I do guide them into poses, but talk behind the camera to get real, raw expressions, and be my silly self that seems to put them at ease =)

8. What ways do you market your business? SEO, building lasting relationships with clients and other like-minded professionals, and going by Luke 6:31; The Golden Rule. ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’. Be fair to people, and treat them with love and respect, as I would want. They appreciate you for it =)

9. What products and/or companies do you use for your clients? We use a handful of companies that we have researched that fit our brand well. You can see more of our photography marketing materials HERE!

10. Have you made Sundays a non negotiable “non work day” in your business? If so, how has that worked for you? Yes, absolutely. Sunday’s are a MUST for time-off. We typically only schedule ONE wedding a weekend. With that said, there have been times when we booked a Friday and Saturday, but Sunday’s are not a question. It’s our only day off, and rest and time at church is needed!

Hope this helps and answers a few questions on your journey as a professional. Hang in there, keep smiling, and be nice! It always wins in the end =)

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