Photography Workshop in Huntsville Alabama & North Alabama

Good morning and HAPPY WEDNESDAY =) Very, very rarely I ever post on Wednesday’s… but I’m feeling quite excited this week and wanting to share some of what is going on in our world here at Green Tree Photography. It’s the middle of wedding season… so it’s hard to find time to devote to the blog as we would like, but we couldn’t help but share the recent DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP here in Huntsville, Alabama we hosted in February.

This group of ladies were the sweetest, kind, and probably most quiet group we have had. They had questions here and there, but over-all were soaking-in every ounce of information like a sponge. It was an honor to have a couple girls all the way from Australia to join us! As we continue to teach digital photography classes, we find ways to perfect our system, and help get the most information to our attendees so they can go out and apply the information when they are on their own. You may want to scroll down and read some of their testimonials. We love how the arts can bring so many people together from all walks of life. Hope you enjoy the few shots we got from the day. Please feel free to share your thoughts, comments, and hello’s below. We love to hear from you =)

silver and blue winter weddinglong peacock blue bridesmaid dressslice at a time cakes1A4A3016teal and black wedding ideasblue black white wedding caketeal, gold, black, white wedding cakehands on digital photography classhands on photo classes alabama

A very special thanks to the people who made this happen… Guest speaker: Jamie with Little Sprout Pictures / Colleen Gagnon: make-up artist, Cake: Heather Petersen with Slice at a Time / Food: Margaret Baggett with The Chef Next Door / Favors: Kraft and Jute


“This was a wonderful class and is perfect for beginners! I really like how Jan shared her “mistake” pictures. The shoot at the end was perfect to practice what we learned.”

“I came to this photography class having never taken my camera out of auto-mode. Now I feel like I won’t have to ever take it off manual! This workshop was EXACTLY what I needed – to learn how to capture what I wanted, not just my camera to choose for me. Everything was explained so well. I never thought I could learn this so quickly. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful workshop!”

“The workshop exceeded my expectations, and I LOVED it! I knew few things about shooting in manual, and now I feel very confident with it. Thank you for giving of your time to help improve my skills! And thank you for talking about your purpose and plan that the Lord has for you. I now can take what I have learned from you guys and hopefully apply them later on when I become a wedding photographer. God bless!”

“Great people to learn from. Valuable tips to take away and practice.”

“Fun afternoon where I managed to capture some amazing shots in manual-mode, and feel comfortable… out of auto. Even having a Samsung, I felt a part of the ‘canon crowd’;)




Rebecca Harmon - March 19, 2014 - 8:12 pm

I LOVED this class, and I’m so glad I attended!! It was an amazing experience!

Marci Blackshear - March 19, 2014 - 4:45 pm

Beautiful! Sounds like it was a successful class!

Photography studio marketing and packaging ideas | Our ideas for the future…

When we sat down to start on goals for this year; to see how we wanted Green Tree Photography to look, many ideas and thoughts were swimming around. How do we want to live-out 2014 as a photography business and personally!? Where is the Lord leading our business in the near-future? As many of our bride’s know, we like to keep the weddings we take a year very minimal, and boutique when taking on new clientele. If we shoot too many a year, we can’t give each and every bride the detail and attention we think they deserve. This was and is a very difficult choice when we get THE SWEETEST couples contacting us to shoot at a super cool location for a gorgeous, styled wedding. We are ever-so-thankful to work with couples [like Katie and Joe featured below], who appreciate our art and talent, trust our judgement, professionalism, and give us creative freedom. In doing so, they (and we) are happy with the stunning results! We have the pleasure of working with the kindest couples, and we are grateful.

In addition to the wedding and boudoir we have poured our heart and soul into… we are wanting to offer our photographer friends some guidance in building their photography brand to become more professional, and to succeed in building a business. I (Jan) find much pleasure in helping others achieve their goals, to encourage, and edify others in the path the Lord has for them. So many people view success in different ways, and we want you to find YOUR path of success.

We have had such a great turnout for the photography classes and photography mentorships we offer, absolutely raving reviews on our photography workshops, and frequently get asked business questions here and there from other photographers in the industry. We have felt that it would be helpful to our photographer friends in showing you the different aspects of our business; what has kept us to keep growing, and thriving in the photography industry.

Proper marketing materials are ESSENTIAL to a boutique business. Purchasing a Michael Kors handbag and getting it handed to you in a walmart grocery sack is not okay. Ever. Get my drift? Boutique clients deserve boutique service from START to FINISH. Here below is an example of what we deliver to our clients, and what our photography packaging and branding look like.


loktah album covers

rice studio supply company white folders


kiss wedding album studio packaging


And there you have it, a smidgen of our product, packaging, and branding for Green Tree Photography. Hope this inspires you to find the perfect packaging and branding for your clientele. In our Mentor Sessions, we cover everything we use, where we choose to purchase our high quality product from, evaluate and dissect YOUR photography business as a whole, and where we see you may need to improve upon to grow to get the right clients your desire. *And SO MUCH MORE!* Please feel free to comment or ask questions in the comment box below! Much love <3 Jan




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Bohemian Inspired Alabama Wedding Photography | Josh & Katie

Welcome to Josh and Katie’s immaculate, bohemian-inspired ALABAMA WEDDING! She described that she wanted a ‘relaxed, festive, event; for everyone to enjoy themselves among the trees!’ If there ever was a diy wedding it is this adorable north Alabama wedding! Their wedding colors ranged from a deep navy to pale blue, and a lovely pop of salmon for the bridesmaid dresses. The yellow sunflowers added a simple, but fabulous touch to the palette sure to inspire many a bride! We loved how their family pitched-in and built the benches for the ceremony! Katie’s Victorian-inspired wedding gown was purchased on etsy, and the bride’s maid dresses were chosen by each bridesmaid so they could wear their dresses again and again.

We love the utter simplicity of this ALABAMA WEDDING! Josh and Katie were an absolute DREAM to work with. By far one of the most chill couples we have had the pleasure of shooting a wedding for. We absolutely LOVE when our couples give us the creative freedom to do what we need to get the BEST imagery possible! Their laid-back personalities sure made for smooth sailing the entire day on until the evening. We wish you nothing but happiness each and everyday! Many blessings as you grow in the Lord and closer to one another <3

sunflower wedding bouquet ideasdark blue unique groomsmen suits for weddingbohemian groomsmen clothing ideashot pink short bridesmaid dressesbohemian inspired outdoor wedding in alabama




Photography class | Digital Photography Beginners Workshop

Good afternoon to our dearest blog readers! After MUCH wonderful feedback and by POPULAR demand, we wanted to officially open up a Saturday in February 2014 for another glorious Photography Workshop! You may have remembered the last digital photography class we hosted back in the Fall of 2012 that was a smashing hit! We have some new, fresh, great information in-store for our newest attendees. We are SO READY to share our gifts with you all, and hope you can join us for this fabulous experience! Do you want to learn how we shoot? What techniques we use to get the imagery we love? Then this class is for you! Whatta you say?

beginners photography class

A few additional details:

Who this photography workshop is for? – Do you want to understand the basic concepts of photography? Do you need a creative outlet? Are you thinking about making photography a career? Do you have a digital SLR, but have no idea how to use it? Do you want to be able to control your camera? Are you a mom or dad and just want to make great images of your kids? Do you want to learn a new hobby? If so then this class if for you.

What we want you to get out of this workshop: - We want to teach you the basics on how to use your camera; for YOU to learn how to control your camera and YOU be the artist…. not let your camera decide for you. We will discuss posing, lighting, and manual camera settings.  You can test out your mad skills in a fabulous styled session towards the end of the day.  If there is enough time, bring your laptop and we will review your images. Green Tree Photography will provide snacks and goodies!

What to Bring: We will provide a model for a styled session, so bring your DSLR camera and at least one lens, charged battery, memory cards.  This workshop is taught from a Canon perspective.  If you have any other brand of camera such as Nikon, Olympus, or Sony you are welcome too!

Any restrictions? If you are under the age of 18 you need a signed consent form from a parent/legal guardian.

Time? 1:00-6 pm

Where do I sign up? Use the button below to pay through paypal using your credit or debit card. All payments are non-refundable.

“Chase and Jan you guys are awesome and very professional photographers!  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and providing such a comfortable atmosphere, and beautiful models. It was a pleasure to meet you and my fellow attendee’s!” -Charlotte
“I really love how casual it is. I like how Chase and Jan are each coming from two different perpectives… one engenieering standpoint and Jan the artistic side. Great class!!” -Melissa
“Definately feel like I understand how to use the settings better. I feel like I now understand how to get the look I want!” -Kim
“Wanted to say thank you for our workshop last month!! It has definitely got me full speed ahead on my photography career. I so love all your dreamy moments you have captured! Actually I love all your work!” – Kristy
“I feel like a professional” -K
“Loved the shooting outside. The class was very beneficial and a ton of fun. Enjoyed learning to use manual.” -L
“Definitely know how to use my camera better and the correct features to use.” -C“I feel I know my camera WAY BETTER! The class was totally enjoyable! I gained tons of knowledge! Thank you =)” -Jana“Thank you so much for the class!  This class helped me so much and I cant wait to put all of this knowledge to use!” -D



[…] have had such a great turnout for the photography classes and photography mentorships we offer, absolutely raving reviews on our photography workshops, and […]

Southern Weddings Magazine Feature | Huntsville Alabama Wedding Photography

Snuggles and I want to announce our excitement by first thanking each and everyone of our clients along the way who have believed in us, and stood by our side through thick and thin. Owning my own business has been one of the hardest hurdles I’ve ever faced, but with immense blessings along the way. What wonderful plans the Lord had in-store for us. We are forever grateful for His blessings! Never did we ever dream from the start to be featured in such a lovely wedding magazine such as Southern Weddings! We are honored and THRILLED they wanted to feature our dear couple Johnny and Tina. You may remember their engagement session here in Huntsville, Alabama a while back. Johnny and Tina are one of the most precious couples we have had the pleasure of working with. If any couple we could have featured, they would be the couple! A huge thanks to Sylvia Smith with Pro Makeup Artist Studios for making Tina’s makeup look flawless!

Brides, this magazine is not like any other wedding magazine. It is full to the brim with wedding ideas and information to have the perfect SOUTHERN WEDDING of your dreams. They are a great group of ladies who hearts are in the right place; focused on strengthening marriages and the soul for true happiness! We were overjoyed when they sent the magazine in the mail with a sweet, personal note, saying thanks for our support and work. Another reason why we LOVE the south =D Hope you get a chance to pick up a copy of this fabulous issue. We are overwhelmed with happiness =)

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Marissa Auten Kloess - November 21, 2013 - 3:02 pm

Hooray! We are so thankful to share your work!

Jessica Magee - November 20, 2013 - 9:21 pm

You deserve it more than anyone!! Congrats!

Desiree Franz-Roberts - November 20, 2013 - 9:16 pm

that is so awesome! congratulations you are very talented and wonderful person defiantly deserve it!

Holly Spencer Malik - November 20, 2013 - 9:06 pm

Yay! So proud of ya’ll!! You deserve it :)

Yana Yakhnitskiy - November 20, 2013 - 8:04 pm

Congrats! You deserve it! And you look stunning! Love your long hair!

Erin Lindsey - November 20, 2013 - 6:56 pm

YAY!!! :-D Congratulations!!

Barry Pickens - November 20, 2013 - 6:49 pm

Awe Jan & Snuggles! This is truly wonderful news and a blessing from God. We love y’all, and you’re the best photographer I’ve ever met. <3