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When we sat down to start on goals for this year; to see how we wanted Green Tree Photography to look, many ideas and thoughts were swimming around. How do we want to live-out 2014 as a photography business and personally!? Where is the Lord leading our business in the near-future? As many of our bride’s know, we like to keep the weddings we take a year very minimal, and boutique when taking on new clientele. If we shoot too many a year, we can’t give each and every bride the detail and attention we think they deserve. This was and is a very difficult choice when we get THE SWEETEST couples contacting us to shoot at a super cool location for a gorgeous, styled wedding. We are ever-so-thankful to work with couples [like Katie and Joe featured below], who appreciate our art and talent, trust our judgement, professionalism, and give us creative freedom. In doing so, they (and we) are happy with the stunning results! We have the pleasure of working with the kindest couples, and we are grateful.

In addition to the wedding and boudoir we have poured our heart and soul into… we are wanting to offer our photographer friends some guidance in building their photography brand to become more professional, and to succeed in building a business. I (Jan) find much pleasure in helping others achieve their goals, to encourage, and edify others in the path the Lord has for them. So many people view success in different ways, and we want you to find YOUR path of success.

We have had such a great turnout for the photography classes and photography mentorships we offer, absolutely raving reviews on our photography workshops, and frequently get asked business questions here and there from other photographers in the industry. We have felt that it would be helpful to our photographer friends in showing you the different aspects of our business; what has kept us to keep growing, and thriving in the photography industry.

Proper marketing materials are ESSENTIAL to a boutique business. Purchasing a Michael Kors handbag and getting it handed to you in a walmart grocery sack is not okay. Ever. Get my drift? Boutique clients deserve boutique service from START to FINISH. Here below is an example of what we deliver to our clients, and what our photography packaging and branding look like.


loktah album covers

rice studio supply company white folders


kiss wedding album studio packaging


And there you have it, a smidgen of our product, packaging, and branding for Green Tree Photography. Hope this inspires you to find the perfect packaging and branding for your clientele. In our Mentor Sessions, we cover everything we use, where we choose to purchase our high quality product from, evaluate and dissect YOUR photography business as a whole, and where we see you may need to improve upon to grow to get the right clients your desire. *And SO MUCH MORE!* Please feel free to comment or ask questions in the comment box below! Much love <3 Jan

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