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My sweet sister Sara and her husband Brandon are expecting their first little-one in early April!!!  She is 29 weeks pregnant and is the most gorgeous pregnant mother ever! =)  I will be an aunt the 3rd time around!  My sister is my best friend (other than Chase of course).  =)  We grew up sharing the bed together, acted out silly plays for our parents, reading Bible stories to her at night, sharing Jesus with her as a child, and sharing “sister secrets.”  The list could go on and on….. We have been there for one another through ups and downs, happiness and heartbreak.  I have to say I am so very proud of her, and the woman of God she has become!  She finished college, with tireless hours of studying to become a Dental Hygienist. She has a love for the Lord and her husband that is to be admired, an unbelievable sweet spirit and tender heart!

I know Sara and Brandon are going to raise this little baby to have a heart for God, and to reach for the stars.  Baby Wesley will be loved unconditionally.  We used to stuff our bellies with old blankets pretending we were pregnant, now it’s the real thing! 😉  How beautiful and precious it is.

Sara has had to endure the days, weeks, and months when her husband was in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I admire her tenderness and strength.  I couldn’t be happier to get such a fabulous brother-in-law!  Sara and Brandon compliment one another in sooooo many ways.  They have a true love that runs deep.  May the Lord continue to bless your family beyond measure!

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Blessings upon you my baby unborn. Safely inside me asleep and so warm. Sleep must come easy to those who are unborn, as the Maker so silently fashions your form. Sleep while you can now so watery and warm, for outside this world is a crashing storm. Soon you will discover the taste of your tears, so sleep now my loved one, my baby, my dear.  Author: Unknown

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We can’t WAIT to meet baby Wesley in April!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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