Tate Farm Barn wedding in Meridianville, AL 35759 | Pumpkin Patch Wedding

We just absolutely adore weddings in the Fall! Lisa and John chose to have an outdoor barn wedding in the Pumpkin Patch at Tate Farms in Meridianville AL! The weather was divine and the air was filled with a crisp autumn scent. They were the FIRST bride and groom at Tate Farms to have a Pumpkin Patch wedding! The wedding colors she chose were very complimentary of the Fall season with orange, deep red and yellows. We are so honored to have attended your lovely day! We want to leave you this weekend with their sweet love story, written by John. Enjoy!

“In late 2009, at the beginning of December, John noticed a beautiful woman on PlentyOfFish.com. There was a small problem – her profile said NO TATTOOS and he had two. John decided to contact her and ask if two tattoos were okay. She responded “How big and where?” 😉

He told her where and what and how big and much to his joy she didn’t stop the conversation and they moved it over to Yahoo messenger. John was kind of busy having moved and with work, so they continued to chat close to the Christmas holiday. She said they should meet and suggested the Wal-mart on Drake Avenue – just to make sure that he wasn’t a weirdo 😉 When they met John was instantly attracted to her, she was beautiful: all smiles and HOTT.  She suggested Mikato’s on Jordan Lane and John said “Sure, I know where it is.”

John went home and quickly looked up where it was and how to get there. The first official date was on January 6th of 2010.  He was so nervous, but must have done well because they  wanted to go out again next weekend!  Very happy with this, John wanted to make a big impression on the next date. They went to the Big Bang Piano bar in Nashville and had a marvelous time! Over the next few weeks they spent a lot time with each other. She was unlike anyone he had ever knew. To be honest, it was a bit unnerving to him because she was hard for him to figure out.

John was in a strange place at the time and didn’t exactly know what he wanted. He was busy with work and there was an old female friend that John knew from Illinois from the time he was 17 that was here that was in some trouble. He was torn. He unfortunately wasn’t there for Lisa as much as he should have been… at her daughter Josee’s 5th birthday, John was in the parking lot on the phone with work for most of the time. His friend was pushing him in another direction altogether.  On Valentine’s Day, it came to a head with Lisa and they decided to break up….

He tried not to think about Lisa, but it was no use. The heart knew what the brain didn’t –John was falling for her and he wanted to be with her. John knew she was dating a friend, and so he wanted to be friends for now. John regrets (to this day) ever breaking up with her, and vowed to himself and later to her that if he got a second chance he would treat her like a queen!

Persistence pays off…  John wanted to be with her, and so he was with her whenever possible. On Mother’s Day he won her affections again when he gave her a necklace.

Although John was in love, Lisa was not so sure. She was taking it slow and wasn’t about to jump into anything again. They went to Memphis to commune with the ghost of Elvis. Still she wasn’t sure. June came and went as they learned more and more about each other and found similar interests and likes. July they went to visit her grandmother in TN and he found that he really enjoyed her family – and they seemed to like him too!

Then, in September of 2010, they had a good trip to Tybee Island – there were fireworks on the beach, and a wonderful time! The best thing wasn’t on that trip however. On September 18th, 2010, she said “I love you” for the first time to John! (As I, John, type this – Lisa is telling me I am weird for remembering the date.)

After Josee’s first year of school – They planned to go on a family vacation to Disney World. John knew that he wanted to propose in May of 2011 – A year after that Mother’s day when he got his second chance. They went to Disney World where John had planned on proposing after the fireworks while they were on the lake in front of Cinderella’s castle; Josee was too tired and they ended up leaving early.  For the next 4 days John had the ring in his pocket while visiting ALL the parks – even the water parks!  It was after breakfast with the princesses when he finally got the courage to ask. John put Josee’s necklace that he had made which was shaped like Mickey’s silhouette and contained Josee’s birthstone, just like Lisa’s engagement ring.  Lisa was on the phone with a friend while John explained to Josee that he was going to propose to her mother.  Lisa turned to notice Josee with the necklace and while still on the phone was asking Josee where she got it from. Lisa hung up from her call and Josee said “You have something too!”

All John remembers is stammering out “I love you” and then the ring was on her finger! She had said “Yes!”

Three (hectic) months later, they are in a new home, John had lost and started a new job, and Josee has started first grade. They married on 9-10-11 which is a date they will all never forget 😉  John and Lisa are in love and looking forward to their little family’s future.

They have had a lot of good times; with 4 cats, great memories of trips and just being with each other!

John will never forget his vow.

I love my wife and I will always show her this to keep her happy and knowing that she is loved for the wonderful woman and mother that she is.”Engagement ring & wedding band: Donny’s Diamond Gallery/ Wedding dress: Davids Bridal / Huntsville AL Florist: In Bloom / Hair & makeup: Masters in South Memorial Parkway, Bobby for airbrush makeup & hair & Jeanette for flower girl hair/ Venue: Tate Farms (which provided a portion of the pumpkins, chairs, tables, table cloths)/ All Needz: ceremony chairs, table cloths, & tables/ Efavormart.com: chair sashes and chair covers/ Dry Cleaners: Gates Cleaners on Airport Rd.

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